I lead the design team throughout the process from quantitative research and UX strategy to UI design. We have conducted interviews and a focus group with volunteers and volunteering managers. Based on the research we have concluded the volunteering process through a cross-function platform that can be used by volunteers and at the same time observed and managed by the team managers. iVolunteer is a complete branding case study from  digital product to an initiative brand positioning including communication and advertising strategy and visual identity style guide.



Strategic Approach
ln line with DEWA’s continuous pursuit towards expanding its position on the volunteering map of UAE as a leader with a major contribution on all fronts aiming at the number1 # position following government’s footsteps in leadership and excellence in Dubai.

Volunteering Process
To make the volunteer process more memorable for all volunteers and to motivate them to learn and adapt to governments’s volunteering process, the volunteer should pass through the following steps.
• Aware • Appoint • Motivate • Contribute • Recognition • Reward


Program Network and Rewards
The program participants set to enjoy benefits and to collect points for a loyalty program by influencing people from their network to join. Upon confirming the participation of new joiners, a group will be created under the original participant.

Volunteer Team Building
In the same networking system, volunteers fall into a network hierarchy that connects all the network in a vertical management vertex. Volunteers that increase their network by hiring more recommeded volunteersin their team will lead them to become team leaders.  


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