• In this phase of the project, we have done complete brand and stakeholder analysis. Also, we have conducted the major primary and secondary research in this part of the project.

  • The second phase of this study consists of analysing the research data. Focus on the finding based on primary and secondary research and a complete solution ideation process and application strategy.

  • In the last phase of this study, we have conducted a focus group workshop to examine our product solution and test with the real direct and indirect users for solution evaluation.

Strategic Approach

To develop a personalized product which is aligned with DHL’s 2030 strategy in context with urbanization and digital trends in Berlin, catering all age groups.

A network delivery platform including the community to deliver parcels last mile, through offering socially interactive micro-jobs.
This solution provides service to people who are unable to leave home, or willing to pay for an extra buck for a doorstep delivery.


We conducted 12 user interviews in the extreme user group, multiple weeks observations and focus group session. Also a detailed secondary research on brand experience, PR, brand-customer relation and branks vision 2030 and innovation strategy. Based on our qualitative research we created personas for direct and indirect users to explore the case further.

Based on our observations and interviews on elderly people, we found out there is a major misunderstanding between them not being tech-savvy, most of them like to use digital technology and prefer to go online instead of walking to post a parcel at DHL shop. That already brought some insightful and interesting information to dive in the case more in detail.


We have interviewed 12 people who are regularly using DHL’s service with a set of open and specific product / service-related design questionnaire. That helped us create 4 personas to dive in the real problem finding and solution opportunities. 

Observation research material was collected in 4 weeks time period during different parts of Berlin at time hours. We gathered some quality insights in human-computer/digital interaction during day to day activities like buying train tickets, using atm, sloth machines etc.

For the first part of the extreme user group in a bell curve, we have conducted a focus group with teenagers and young adults to understand their needs and attitude toward human-digital interaction.


These are a few of the screens of product UI design, which is a cross-function, cross-platform digital platform based micro-business mode integrated within the existing DHL’s core services. The product is designed to be responsive for handy, computer and vertical outdoor interactive screens attached on DHL’s pack stations. 

Product is designed a P2P business model that works in the community on a micro level. Introduction such a product is already in the benefit of DHL as they have a vast database of users and their addresses.

This product works as a platform between the service seeker and a service provider, the main goal of this model is to eliminated last-mile delivery from DHL’s workflow and allow people to use it as an opportunity for micro-jobs and add value to society by contributing a social willingness into the society.

Case has been studied in detail, in terms of current and future trends aligned with human and social needs in the future. A detailed ideation process with tons on amazing ideas after analyzing the brand and its servers were successfully conducted with in the team. 

We have created an urban neighbourhood with different age groups. Our main 4 personas came to life to demonstrate the whole story of this neighbourhood and its social interactions. 





Research-based Conclusion and Product Solution

The study approaches to multiple findings in different directions. Although the study was done with a narrow-focused strategy, we found elderly people are having problems with isolation and loneliness, they want to have a human interaction with a quick talk, and teenagers and young adults also crave a quality human interaction. 

DHL’s Service related, user experience needs to be improved with the introduction of the last mile P2P delivery platform model inline with DHL’s existing services to pack stations and door to door.