I lead the design team in this project, in UX research, design and product testing. Project was delivered with complete UX, UI design and research process and documentation. Which contained personas, workflow paper prototyping of complete cross-cross-functiono system on mobile and desktop dashboard.
As a newly introduced digital online traning service for those clients who are used to be actively members of baseball coaching clubs. I have introduced a simple video tutorial methods that manages complete trainings, schedules, team management and tournaments within the academy or in upper leagues. Also the system is integrated with school’s weekly training schedules. 



Strategic Approach
The goal of this project to create a digital product that has e-learning lessons and approach to organize personal schedule, teams and tournaments during the camp and in school term. For coaches, this system allows organizing the daily routine and day to day tasks. Managing the team and the league at the same time more efficiently than ever.

Players can monitor their weekly achievements and progress, and they can start their teams or join teams created by other team owners in the same league or any other tournament.

Product Goals
The product goal is to ensure metrics partly between the control treatment and redesign before rolling out to 100% of users on platforms, Continue to iterate and improve existing features, validate UX changes with date. Continue to work towards feature correspondence.

Design goals were to design a fast, easy to use intuitive UI that is welcoming and contextual. Its core actions are motivating towards savings and motivation towards online learning and stay up-to date with performance and results, this is designed for result oriented coaching and learning.