The evolved Islamic pattern brand identity gives prominence to the iconic arabesque symbol which represents shariah investments. A colour palette which takes its cue from the different parts of the horizon represents the growth in service offered by the company. The combination of colours and graphic pattern are animated in digital applications to give the brand a dynamic form.

Strategic Approach
As this digital service was introduced along with the new model launch in Dubai. Renault re-position itself as a fresh and uplifting brand and it’s services throughout the channels. Digital dashboard helps car owners to monitor the car’s performance, mileage, warranty claims/insurance claims, mileage and basic checkpoints that a car driver needs to know for safe and smooth driving experience. In a nutshell, with this system Renault owner can drive tension free for a good brand experience.

Research Process
Interviews and focus group were conducted with high-end car owners to understand their needs in a car company’s post-sale facilities to integrate a high-level customer experience in a mid-line product range.

Digital product was strategically designed to give luxury experience to Renault’s customers. Another research was conducted during the product testing to align the product with consumers need before launch.


My role in this project was mainly a UI designer. Although I have helped research team with conducting the interviews with interview questionnaires to understand consumer needs. I have created different personas to direct all the design process in to a right direction.