• In this phase of the project, I have done a complete brand and stakeholder analysis. Also, I have conducted the major primary and secondary research in this part of the project.

  • The second phase of this study consists of a complete brand experience design, starting from the visual identity towards designing all the physical and digital touchpoints. Based on my research, I have found that experience for such a brand needed to explore further to create an ideal physical experience by touching all the 5 senses.

  • In the last phase of this work-study, I have designed a complete visual standard guideline of EY Club brand. To create guidelines for such a brand needed a detail research and exposure of luxury material and its application in different channels.

Research Goals

To understand this brand completely inside out, detailed research was required on internal and external stakeholders, users and service providers. As to create a good brand experience it is important to create a good culture within the company especially the front end service and communication face, which require staff trainings, ambience and other elements that touches your heart and mind. 

To find a solution in this overall ecosystem we have conducted qualitative and quantitative research.


I have conducted user and service staff interviews, user lifestyle observations and body-storming sessions in a few of the most luxurious clubs and lounges in Dubai. Based on my qualitative research I have mapped user empathy to dive in the user journey and a holistic brand experience evaluation matrix.

During my observations and in the results of interviews, I found out some insightful information about users needs and his day to day work and lifestyle preferences.

Also, a detailed study on the relation between yacht club members and their preferred brands in their life brought a detailed knowledge about their perception towards luxury and luxury branding.


This is a classical example of creating a luxury brand experience. The look and feel is level above the usual setting associated with first-class customer experience. It’s much more considered, polished and understated. It’s not about emblazoning every item with a log, like a normal practice. It feels more like a hight end luxury experience that members are used to as part of their daily lifestyle.
The understated premium style coordinates with the special details which can relate to one of the three lifestyle/journey themes – and again makes this part of the journey feel tailor-made. (Executive / Wellness / Arabian Chic). To understand the brand’s user, I have conducted direct interviews with members and classical observation methods to emphasize members.

Only EY Club can claim to be the preferred yacht club that understands what excellence means to each guest and satisfies the endless needs of even the most intelligent of them all. EY Club creates an experience built around each guest’s unique personality and requirements.

With its modern interior and facilities, precise detail to operational excellence, and not the least, a brand experience training for a passionate and professional team, only EY Club is poised to truly deliver what it promises.

 A distinctive colour palette has been developed for the EY Club brand.

The colours represent the brand values and the exclusive, discrete and understated nature of the EY Club brand. The Black, Pearl and Silver form the primary identifying colour palette for EY Club – and is a salute to Dubai’s heritage. The Secondary colours add warmth, diversity and flexibility to the palette and appear mainly inside applications. They also help to colour code certain offers/ services where appropriate.