People don’t buy food they buy experience. I have crafted immersive, strategic restaurant brand experience from concept to design. Through a rigorous strategy development process I was able to execute a passionate purpose for the restaurant and interior experience that was purposed to cater a unique experience not just the food. 

Afandina is a classic “sophomore” brand update turning the brand that was built to launch into a brand that is built to grow. So I left no stone unturned in my effort to turn Afandina’s passion inside out and share it with their neighbours through thoughtful creative. From identity re-design through interior design, opportunities for visual storytelling that brought Afandina to life. The Arabic culture influenced brand with the bustling energy of classic food. Their mission to create food that is healthy, sustainable, and delicious crowned the brand with a cheeky halo. And their devotion to education brought the brand back to the source: the carefully farmed food brought straight to tables.

All the while, it was vigilant that as Afandina grows into more than one location, it will never be a “chain” in the normal sense. So even when I designed the moldboard for restaurant interior, it was scalable in different interior and exterior environmental sizes.

When Afandina opens its second location in 2016, every part of the environment, menus and more were better aligned with what was designed for the flagship restaurant. But the real payoff is seeing Afandina become part of a new community and share their mission with. their neighbours every day.