The concept behind this campaign is to uplift the existing style of Dunking Donuts brand all over and create a buzz in the area about the new service with communication tools. The advertising treatment was focused towards residents in western Dubai. Campaign all over was very interactive and engaging with the mass market.


Campaign Strategy
Concept behind the master visual is to bring freshly brewed coffee in iconic coffee cup shape on main visuals instead of the branded coffee cups. While the research for this campaign I found out that first reaction towards coffee for a customer is not the brand but the quality of the product. That drives the visual direction towards mainly on freshness and aroma of brewed coffee as main visual instead of  the brandname. 

Creative Direction
My role in this campaign is as a creative director visual and copy.  Also I have conducted the research on behalf of client in targeted areas in Dubai where Dunkin Donuts were loosing business because of new competition in market. With the release of this campaign with supporting tools like door hanger discount vouchers, car cups and innovative delivery menus we manage to retain 60% of Dunkin’s customers in western Dubai.